Dotswatch is a meditative mural composed of 21,600 stickers applied in ratios that match a predetermined swatch of color.  The stickers are created in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, and are each 1/2 inch in diameter.  In this first case, the swatch is a light orange.  The mural was made over a period of several weeks, and is assembled on a 2 x 5′ canvas.

The mural was created to explore the print color model theory, which composes unique colors using ratios of microscopic dots applied in a pattern.  When interacting with the piece, it is the job of the observer to take the presented randomized color information and assemble it into a color.  This process is somewhat meditative, requiring focus and patience.  The immediate effect is akin to an optical illusion.  When focusing on a single dot, the surrounding dots appear to shimmer and vibrate.
Dotswatch is part one of a series of murals, each exploring color theory and meditative perception.  The next dotswatch will depart from the standard print color model, and instead be calculated using ratios of custom colors to produce a separate meditative experience.
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