See what my clients have to say about our work together:

"After working with a number of ‘designers’ who knew how to make nice looking user interfaces but were clueless on how to make easy to use or intuitive interfaces, we hired Joe to help us with a number of usability and design issues that we had with our iOS and Android apps. From the onset, it was obvious that Joe understood what it was that made good design good, and how to design interfaces to make them easy for users to interact with. Working with him was very easy – he is feedback-seeking and accepts feedback constructively, communicates well, is very personable when working directly with our users, and worked well with my team of developers. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our users with the new design and hope to be able to work with Joe in the future as we develop new features."
---Christopher Williams, CTO at MomCo LLC.
"I’ve had the privilege of having Joe as part of my team at Realstir Inc in San Diego, CA.  Joe was tasked with leading various projects dealing in User Experience (UX) and graphic design for our real estate mobile and web platform.  In all those areas he excelled in performance and attitude; he showed dedication to work while producing valuable results.  I fully recommend Joe as an excellent candidate for any UX or graphic design needs."
---Haytham Allos, CTO at Realstir Inc.
"From a strictly business perspective, the underlying factor for re-hiring Joe as a sub-contractor time and time again on various client projects of mine is his aptitude for quickly understanding and then custom tailoring design for clients from all industries (including mobile apps, state government, e-commerce, and retail), understanding and being able to relate work to any demographic (including parenting, gardeners, and constituents of water and wastewater agencies in drought stricken Southern California) at all stages of a business (from startup to scaling to corporate). His quick onboarding ability, understanding of digital and traditional marketing and his creative talent built on a fine arts background has helped me deliver high-quality, thoughtful creative assets to my clients quickly."
---Matthew Wilberger, Founder at GrowthHack Labs
"Joe's greatest strengths are his artistic talents, ability to translate art into web/app/print design, the ability and desire to hustle and get work done quickly when needed, an entrepreneurial and curious nature, constantly managing a current scope but looking ahead to other applications within and beyond a given project, and the efficiency that attitude creates (for example having taken the time to learn enough about my business and clients to position creative assets across multiple projects thereby saving me and my clients money). "
---Jared Criscuolo, CEO/Founder at Upcycle&Co.
"Joe has a unique set of traits that set him apart from other creative designers; He possesses a vivid artist / designer mindset, combined with business-like sensibilities. He is always able to capture my vision of artistic intent by asking thought provoking questions, then executing well thought out designs that exceed my expectations."
---Mike Newton, CEO at NeoVision PNV
"We are very pleased with the work Joe did revamping our website. Design tends to require a bit of mind-reading, and Joe was able to take ideas from words and create the visual imagery of what we wanted. Couldn't be happier with the result!"
---Jennifer Holley, Co-Founder at Lynx Solutions
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